Know STV

Members at launch of KNOW STV: Sitting from left are Bob Plecas, Bill Tieleman and Jack Munro. Standing from left are Rick Dignard, Jyoti Gill, Anita Hagen, Paul S. Gill, Susan Arnold, Andrea Reimer and Jacee Schaefer. Other members were not available. (Photo by Richard Li of Singtao Daily.)

The members of KNOW STV include:

(All organizations mentioned for identification purposes only.)

Susan Arnold
Susan Arnold is a lawyer with the firm of Heenan Blaikie LLP. She is an expert in administrative, labour, human rights and employment law and acts for public and private sector employers under both federal and provincial jurisdiction. She sat on the Committee of Special Advisors to the Government of B.C. for the Review of the Employment Standards Act. She holds a B.A. in Political Science and an LLB from U.B.C. and lives in West Vancouver.
Rick Dignard
Rick Dignard is a Member of the B.C. Citizens Assembly that developed the proposed Single Transferable Vote, though Rick opposed that decision. Rick, who represented the Sunshine Coast, is a 38 year-old shipwright with BC Ferries lives in Gibsons with his wife and two kids.
Anne Edwards
Anne Edwards was MLA for Kootenay from 1986 to 1996 and served as Minister of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources from 1991 to 1996. A former journalist and college instructor, she is retired and living near Cranbrook but is still involved in community activities.
Jyoti Gill
Jyoti Gill is a Member of the B.C. Citizens’ Assembly that developed the proposed Single Transferable Vote. She represented Vancouver Fraserview and voted against the majority decision of the Assembly. Jyoti owns her own business, Sign-A-Rama Port Coquitlam, and lives in Vancouver.
Paul S. Gill
Paul S. Gill is the owner of Sign-A-Rama Port Coquitlam, a local sign shop. He has worked on several contracts as a democracy, governance and elections expert with the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs primarily in the Balkans and the Middle East. Most recently, he was an International Observer for the Ukraine Presidential Elections last December. He has been active in B.C. politics for over 25 years and lives in Vancouver.
Anita Hagen
Anita Hagen has worked and volunteered in the fields of teaching, seniors’ and women’s issues for over 50 years. Elected MLA (NDP) for New Westminster in 1986, she served first in opposition, then as a member of cabinet and finally as a government ‘backbencher.’ Retired in 1996, she is now an active grandparent, volunteer and gardener.
Jim Inkster
Jim Inkster is President of Inland Chrysler/Jeep in Dawson Creek, a past Director of BC Rail, a past President of the Northern BC Truckers Association and the Dawson Creek Oilmens' Association and a former chair of the Regional District Economic Development Committee and the City of Dawson Creek Economic Development Committee.
Jack Munro
Jack Munro was president of the Industrial and Woodworker of America — Canada union for over 18 years and a Vice-President of the BC Federation of Labour. From 1991 until his retirement he was Chairman of the Forest Alliance of British Columbia. Jack lives in West Vancouver.
Bob Plecas
Bob Plecas was a career public servant who became a business and government relations consultant. Bob spent about 15 years as a Deputy Minister in ten Ministries under both the Social Credit and NDP administrations ranging from the Premier's Office to Economic Development to Children and Families. He also served as President of the BC Lumber Trade Council in the softwood lumber dispute with the USA. Bob has a masters degree in political science from the University of BC and lives in Victoria.
Andrea Reimer
Andrea Reimer is a Vancouver School Board trustee with the civic Green Party. She was the first Green Party representative to be elected to public office in Canada when she won in 2002. Andrea is Executive Director of the Western Canada Wilderness Committee and is a board member of several organizations. She is a former communications director for the Green Party of BC, including during the 2001 election. Andrea has also been a vocal advocate for electoral reforms to produce fairer election results and remove barriers to the election of women.
Jacee Schaefer
Biography to come.
Bud Smith
Bud Smith, QC, is a lawyer and served as BC Attorney General and Minister for Regional Economic Development when he was an Member of the Legislative Assembly for Kamloops from 1986 to 1991. He has been Principal Secretary to the Premier and is a director of Urban Systems Ltd, Mejia Property Inc, Nicola Mortgage Company, Thompson Valley Mortgage Corp and other corporations.
Bruce Strachan
Bruce Strachan was MLA from Prince George South from 1979 to 1991, serving in a number of cabinet positions, including Minister of Health, Intergovernmental Relations, Advanced Education and Environment and Parks. Bruce also served as Deputy Speaker of the Legislature. From 1999 to 2002 he was a Prince George City Councillor and Prince George Regional District Director. He has also served as a Trustee and Chair of the Prince George School Board.
Bill Tieleman
Bill Tieleman is president of West Star Communications, political columnist for Georgia Straight newspaper and a regular commentator on BC politics on radio and television. Bill has previously been communications director in the B.C. Premier's Office and also at the BC Federation of Labour. He holds a masters degree in political science from UBC and lives in Vancouver.
John Young
John Young is Chair of Political Science at the University of Northern British Columbia in Prince George. He received his PhD in Comparative Politics and Public Administration from the University of Toronto. His primary research interests include Russian politics, democratization, and the relationship between political culture and institutions.